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Is Sweat with Kayla Even Worth Trying?

I started using Sweat with Kayla two weeks after I purchased Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Workout guide for 69.97AUD.

In all honesty, I only started using the app because it was free on the app store, and it sounded like it had more than what my guidebook offered. There was no harm trying it out since I could always cancel my subscription after the 7-day trial was up.

After seven days of using the Kayla Itsines app, I came to my own conclusion on why I would pay and why I would not. However, you should know that at the end of my 7-day free trial, I proceeded to cancel my subscription and continued using my physical guidebook.

Should You Pay To Se Sweat With Kayla App?


The app housed basically everything from Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide eBooks. This made it readily available every time I had my phone with me. It was so easy to take my phone to the gym, whip it out each time and have a nice little workout planned out for me on a daily basis. I did not have to flip through my guidebook furiously, and even had access to the recipes which were lacking in my guidebook.

Everything I was looking for in the physical copy, I could easily swipe my fingers across my iPhone screen and get.  It was a quick, one-swipe easy access to specific things I was looking for.


For a first time user, I was surprised at how easy it was to actually use the app, such that I had to add this plus point to the Sweat with Kayla workouts. The interface itself was definitely built with women in mind. The design was girly and thoughtful. It was so easy to use that even my younger sister could surf it without much difficulty. The app was also fairly interactive, allowing personalization in workout schedules.

Some of my personal favourite features

  • The Food Tab
    • I think I actually really enjoyed using this part of the app precisely because my guidebook did not have the eating plan or the recipes. During my time doing the BBG program, I struggled with coming up with healthy but recovery food to curb my hunger pangs and cravings. This feature was really useful for me to keep track of my intake and inspire me when I cannot think of healthy food to prepare.
  • Rehabilitation Workouts
    • The rehabilitation workout plan was novel and the most interactive out of all the other workouts. It was a full-on guide for every single stretch, where all I needed to do was follow the instructions. It really helped with my aching muscles and was really easy to use.
  • Progress Tab
    • I did not use this progress tab much as I only had the app for seven days. I did not feel that a week was sufficient to actually observe physical changes in my body. However, I would imagine that for someone who actually pays for subscription, it would be a useful tool to track your journey. It also is really encouraging to see physical changes and be able to archive it nicely in an app for easy access.

A free trial of seven days

Yes, when I first downloaded the app and saw that there was a free trial, I jumped on the bandwagon. As a consumer, I would feel very much at ease if I could get a sneak peek into using of a paid app before I actually commit to the purchase. It allows me to have a tour of the features available, beyond any description that the app store provides. The fact that I could cancel the subscription at my convenience was what appealed to me. So kudos to the good people at the Sweat with Kayla app for making this possible!

Apps and their possible updates

As an iPhone user, I am not new to the knowledge that apps are frequently being updated and made better. The possibility of Sweat with Kayla having frequent updates, which may bring aboard new app features, was exciting.

Economically better in the short haul

Rather than paying 119.97AUD at one shot for the full guide, I was only going to have to pay around 55AUD in total for 3 months. However, beyond 6 months, I would have spent a similar amount on the app.

The slightly cheaper price at 3 months would probably appeal to students who do not have that much spending ability. Given that the entire program only last 12 weeks, there may not be a need to spend almost double the money on the physical book.

Why I probably will not pay for the Sweat with Kayla app

Repeated content

Being an owner of the full guidebook, I felt that the app did not provide me with any other new knowledge. The workouts and food plans found in the app were an exact replica of what was available in the guidebook. I did not feel like I learnt anything new by purchasing a paid app. If I were to actually pay for an app, I would like to know that I got a bang for my buck.

Content would be completely gone the moment subscription is terminated

Having paid for the app, and actually getting the content removed is not a good thing in any circumstance. In most paid applications, payment is usually one-off and the contents will never be deleted. This infuriates me greatly as I would have to pay again should I decide to get the app once more.

Could be more interactive

The issue with using pdf copies of guidebooks is how boring and mundane it could be. I mean, how much enthusiasm can you exude while writing a workout plan for someone in black and white? I would have thought that with an app, there would be more interactive options. I was personally looking forward to have some instructional videos for the workouts, especially for the tougher ones. I would think that even audio messages would have made the difference to spice things up a little.

No automatic prompting for canceling of free subscription

This was what made me decide I did not want to pay for the app beyond my free trial. The day before my 7-day trial ended, I did not get a popup or a prompting to renew my subscription. I was left to take a mental note to count the number of days since I downloaded the app and signed up for an account. I had to do all this, or risk having to pay the monthly premium.

As a consumer, I would like to be in the know and not be left in the dark when my free subscription ends. It causes me to run the risk of actually paying for something I do not actually want.

All in all…

I did not renew my subscription after my free trial ended. Sweat with Kayla has a lot of potential to be a good app, however, there was too much I was not a fan of. I did not promote to it my friends either, and continued sticking to my 120AUD guidebook.

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