what is bbg workout

What is the BBG Workout Program?

You may have heard of “BBG workout” on Instagram or Facebook. Maybe you know someone who has tried it. But what is BBG?

What is BBG Workout All about?

Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer and fitness personality, is the creator of the “Bikini Body Guide.” and Sweat with Kayla app. As a trainer, she often heard her female clients say that they hated their inner thighs, they wanted toned arms, and they desired a flat stomach with nice abs.

These complaints were heard. Kayla developed the Bikini Body Guide with the help of another licensed personal trainer. Together, they created a program that is designed to torch fat, increase muscle definition, and help people develop healthy habits to keep their progress going after the first twelve weeks.

The BBG program uses a few different approaches to help you get results;

  1. Manageable yet effective workouts

The hard part of the BBG workout is the 28 minute circuit workouts that are completed three times per week. That’s it! Three times a week, for less than half an hour, of full commitment and sweat. That is all you need to follow the “hard part” of the Kayla Itsines workout.

The other days when you aren’t doing the circuit workouts, you are expected to do low intensity steady state cardio like walking or biking.

  1. Support community

When you start the BBG program, you are joining a community of people who have transformed their bodies with the Bikini Body Guide. Just search #KaylaItsines or #SweatwithKayla on Instagram and you will see thousands of progress photos and can connect with other people who are also changing their lives for the better with this program. Other workout programs don’t have this component and I think that is part of what makes the Bikini Body Guide so effective.

  1. Nutrition guidance

No workout can out-do a bad diet. Luckily, the Bikini Body Guide includes nutrition guides that can help you learn to eat healthier. This will help you get leaner faster.

  1. Designed for people on the go

Kayla Itsines was very realistic when she designed this program. It is a manageable diet and training program that will help you get results quickly. She developed the program with people like YOU in mind! Busy people don’t have time to sweat for 2 hours a day in the gym. With this program, you don’t have to.

Are the BBG workouts effective?

Yes! The BBG workout is very effective. It is not only a workout, it is a full program that when followed correctly will help you get excellent results.

The circuit workouts follow a method called high intensity interval training that maximizes your body’s fat burning power by cranking your heart rate all the way up during the workout which helps your body burn fat for the rest of the day after your workout.

The low intensity steady state cardio keeps you active without feeling like it is exercise. By keeping your body active, you can burn more calories and add to your overall caloric deficit which helps your body lose fat over time.

The nutrition guide gives you an explicit meal plan consisting of three meals and 2 snacks per day. This takes the guess work out of healthy eating for many women who may not know how to construct a healthy diet for themselves.

Between the high intensity interval training, low intensity steady state training, and the nutrition guides, the Bikini Body Guide sets you up for success!

The workouts are definitely effective. They are fairly difficult. You should expect to sweat and be challenged by the moves. You will get a lot stronger by doing this program.

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