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12 Reasons Why Strength Training Should Be Your Best Friend

You may not be aiming to be a bodybuilder or bikini model but it doesn’t mean you should skip the weights room. Strength training doesn’t mean you have to build popping biceps and thunderous thighs like the meatheads in the gym. Strength training has so many benefits for women these aren’t them.

By substituting some of your cardio sessions for weights you can work towards preventing stomach fat, cancer, stress and other mental health issues, heart disease and much more! It is also the single best way to reach your bikini body goals leading into summer.

You only need 2- 3 sessions a week to see results. You can try Kayla Fitness App which is about BBG workout or read further to find out how strength training can help you!

1.Reduce your body fat percentage
For those of you who think cardio is the key to a flat belly, you need to change. Research has proven that when compared to no exercise or aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise in conjunction with strength training contributes to a six-pound greater loss of fat. This is because the strength training individual’s loose pure fat where as the other methods induce fat and muscle loss.

On average, those who do not strength train have 75 percent of their weight loss from fat and25 percent from muscle. Loosing muscle may reduce your weight on the scales but it will not help sculpt your body to be lean and toned. A reduction in muscle mass can cause you to put all the weight you have lost, back on! By strength training you maintain your hard earned lean muscle and will increase your metabolism to burn more fat.

2.Feel better in your clothes
Throughout your 30s to 50s you will most likely have a reduction in total body lean muscle mass of approximately 10 percent! Research indicates, this muscle lost is likely to be replaced by fat. This results in a larger waist due to fat taking up 18 percent of space that only 1 pound of muscle does!

3. Boost your calorie burn
Strength training increases your calorie burning capacity while at rest. Your body continues to burn calories up to 24 hours or more post strength training. Your muscles need energy post workout in order to refuel and repair the muscle fibers involved in exercising. A study has shown that a after completing a full body workout consisting of only three large muscle movements, metabolic rate was raised for 39 hours. A greater percentage of calories were burned from fat storage compared to those who were not strength training.

By strength training you also get more calories burned per minute of exercise. Completing a circuit of eight exercises over eight minutes expends 159 to 231 calories. You would need to run at a very, very high pace for the same duration just to get the same calorie expenditure through a cardio based running session.

4.Make better food choices
You will likely make improvements to your diet to ensure you are making healthier decisions. As study has shown that those who do not complete three hours a week of training ate more calories than required throughout the day. The researchers indicate that both exercise and diet helps to remind you to keep your health goals in focus aiding in your weight loss journey.

5. Improve your stress levels
By exercising you will be able to handle stress better, allowing you to stay cool, calm and collected under pressure. It has been shown that the fittest individuals show much lower stress levels than those who were not fit. Another study has shown an association with blood pressure (BP) levels returning to normal after a stressful situation. Those who had more muscle mass returned their BP to normal faster than those with reduced muscle mass.

6. Increased Mood
You will be a happier person due to strength training! We all love the feeling of being happy and yoga and meditation is not the only way. Studies have found those who strength train three days a week over 6 months significantly improve their scores when measured for anger and overall mood.

women weightlifting

7. Reduced risk of osteoporosis
Strength training improved your bone mineral density (BMD). BMD is the strength of you bones, so you will build stronger bones through strength training. As you get older your BMD
severely reduces, particularly in females. This reduction in BMD increases the likelihood of suffering a fracture that can be quite debilitating. You BMD can be increased. Research has shown that strength training over 16 weeks improves BMD and the marker of bone growth – osteocalcin – by 19 percent! Keep your bones string into older age, so you can stay active longer.

8. Faster results
As a result of strength training you will see results quicker and get into shape faster. Circuit training increases your heart rate by 15 beats per minute more than if you were to go for a run at 60 to 70 percent of your heart rate maximum. This will both strengthen your muscles but give you a cardiovascular benefit to your heart and lungs, so you can workout harder and longer. You will also save time without ruining your results.

9. Improved Heart Health
Your heart will be happier and healthier from strength training. Research indicates that if you complete three full body workouts per week over a period of two months you can reduce the blood pressure in your heart between beats (diastolic blood pressure – bottom number) by eight. By doing so you reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack by 40 and 15 percent respectively.

10. Increased productivity
Build your strength training workouts and get productive. You could potentially get a raise, or at least some recognition for your hard work in the office. Studies have shown productivity of workers who exercised that day improved by 15 percent compared to those who did not! So theoretically you could do more in eight hours than what you would usually get done leaving you less stressed, happier and above all productive in your work space.

11. Increased Lifespan
Strength training will help you put life into your years and quite possibly live longer. Researchers have found having full body strength is associated with lower risk of death resulting from cardiovascular disease and cancer. In addition, having strong muscles throughout middle age will determine better survival to 85 years of age without forming major diseases. Get strength training to help live a happy, healthy and long life.

12. Improved brainpower
you can be even smarter with a little strength training each week. When you have strong muscles, you can have a string body and mind. A study has shown strength training for six months enhances cognitive function and better short and long term memory, verbal reasoning and greater attention span. Keep your brain healthy and lift some weights.

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