Welcome to Norbati Fitness!

We’re a small group of women who, believe it or not, first met at a local gym. Some of us were there because we had a lot of weight to lose. Others in our group were in shape (or close to it) but wanted to stay that way.

Over time, we started going out together for coffee or smoothies after our workouts – and we discovered that we all had a huge interest in women’s health and fitness.

For those of us who were overweight, our passion for the subject was so strong because we’d tried so many different diet, exercise and supplement programs to lose weight – and were usually disappointed in the results. And those of us who were in shape were so into fitness and health because we had been in the same boat (fat) at one time, and were determined not to lose our figure or energy as we got pregnant or just got older.

We started comparing notes on all of the scam diets we’d found online, all of the exercise programs we’d tried that might work for men but weren’t designed for a woman’s body, and all of the “miracle supplements” we’d bought that were nothing more than glorified multi-vitamins.

We found that we’d all had pretty much the same experiences.

That made us realize that we couldn’t be the only women who had been disappointed time and again by products that were supposed to keep us fit and healthy, and help us lose weight – but didn’t.

And over more coffee and smoothies, we decided that our combined knowledge and experience could be invaluable to thousands (or even more!) of women who were struggling with the exact same problem we had: trying to find honest companies with health and fitness products that really worked for women.

That’s how the idea for Norbati Fitness was born.
(It’s named after the three of us who were most involved in the startup – our names are Nora, Babs and Tia – NorBaTi. Catchy, no? 🙂 )

Together, we check out all of the exercise programs, diets and supplements we find, along with advice from supposed experts and self-styled Internet fitness “gurus.” Our goal is to give you our honest opinions and experiences after at least one of our group has given a program, diet or expert advice a real-life trial.

We also look more deeply into the backgrounds of these “gurus” to determine whether they’re selling something based on real knowledge, or based on their desire to make money selling snake oil.

The one thing we can promise you: we won’t give you a load of B.S. If something’s a scam, we’ll say it, loud and clear. On the other hand, if we find something that can really help you stay fit, get in shape or lose weight, we’ll be first to tell you about it. And of course, if we find something great that’s a real bargain, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. (After all, who doesn’t love a bargain? 🙂 )

We’re always on the lookout for new women’s health and fitness products or programs to review and report on. But if you come across something you think we should know about – whether it’s worked wonders for you or cheated you out of your hard-earned money – please give us a holler and let us know.

Norbati.com is here for all women, including you. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you’ll make us a regular stop on your Internet travels.

And most importantly, stay healthy! 🙂

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